Sunday, May 3, 2009

Obvioulsy I'm really bad at blogging!!

Obviously I am awful at blogging. Good news though. I live in the real world and don't sacrifice it for the virtual updates! I have been having a WONDERFUL semester. Sadly I only have 10 days left here in Seville. Some things I've realized these past couple of days.

1) I really love Seville. 2) I love music and coffee a lot. 3) I could be happy anywhere with good company. 4) I don't care if people like me (in relation to my host family). 5) people think I'm a looser until they hear me sing... I'm okay with that. 6) I have been looking forward to this for 3 and 1/2 years and now it's over. Is this what it feels like when you get married? 7) Feria is great if you like that type of thing. 8) The more you want time to last the faster it slips away. 9) Hippie, progressive, fun-loving professors make good friends and bad professors.
10) I really think I'm growing up. I can stand my own company, I have great hopes for the future but I'm okay with whatever happens, I live for today but I don't forget that tomorrow exists. I think I'm learning to relax and keep my goals I'm okay with me, I'm okay with my life, I'm okay with my past. . 11) I still say sorry too much. But I don't CARE. : )

So those are some things I've learned. I've learned a lot more than that though. This has been the best year I've had, even though I didn't realized it as much last semester. The sun shines here every day now. It's warm and beautiful and it will be hard to go but I am excited to see everyone at home and prepare for a new adventure.

I have had a great time with music as well, I have written a few songs here and played the guitar at school a lot even though I didn't bring mine. Actually, I'm glad I didn't bring mine because it forced me to be more social by playing at school.

My mom and uncle steve came at the beginning of April. It was awesome!! We went to Madrid, Barcelona, Lourdes, and Rome and then they came to Sevilla for a week. It was wonderful to travel with them and wonderful to see Sevilla through their eyes.

I went to a bull fight. Brutal. I don't think I understand it. I mean I understand that it's part of the tradition and culture I understand that it has to do with dominance and power but I don't identify with it. To me it seems like sensless torture of an animal. What is more, it seems like a pretty uneven fight of 5 men and 2 mounted men against 1 bull. Especially when the men can run away and the bull is trapped. I am glad I saw it. Now I know I don't like it.

I have been teaching english. The kid is super naughty. He is 11 and his name is Gonzalo. He told me awful ugly jokes (about me of course) and cussed up a storm and then asked me "do you know what that means?" during our last 2 classes. It's okay though I survived. I get payed and it looks good on a grad school app (hopefully).

I have been working on 2 projects with a crazy hippie professor who is totally cool unless you are working with him. He is a major space cadet. Super smart though. I am doing a documentary on a group of anarquist/squaters for my final project in my cinema class. I am also singing a song with the only other musician here for his final poetry class project. Hopefully we should be able to record it in a recording studeo. But things aren't going so well with either project due to a huge lack of help from the professor so we will see how these projects turn out. Don't ask about them. It might be a touchy subject by the end of these 10 days. ; )

I have loved my classes, except my third history class in spanish of the year. I thoguht it was a diversity class. It's really just a history class in disquise. Boring. It is exactly the same class I took last semester with a different name. Same professor, same exam questions, same power point info. It's really quite stupid. i stayed in it though cuz I thought i t would be easier. on my midterm I only got 2 more points than last semester. I basically daydream (can you imagine) and draw in class. All the while looking at him with the most interested face of all of the students in the room and (just for laughs) I had a little head nod every few minutes. The entire time I am PRAYING that he doesn't aske me ANYTHING about what we are talking about because in reality I am thinking about music or coffee or how to draw a certain persons profile. Not Good.
I am so far behind now that I don't even try to keep up. I know this sounds really awful. But this is exactly what I did in his class last semester and I got an A-. I know what you are thinking. If you payed attention you could get an A. But why? Why pay attention for a little extra credit when I can not pay attention and do just fine? ; ) Basically, I just suffer through his class and study really hard for his exams. It works.

Okay, this is a really scattered attempt to share what has been going on since my last blog post. but Now I guess you have a glimspe into my mind, scattered, busy, and nonsensical. : )

Thanks to anyone who kept reading until the end.

~ bye ~


PS. I am going to make videos of my last month when I get home because I don't have time right now. But they are coming soon, probably in about 3 weeks : )


Alex said...

Congrats on making it through a year abroad and loving it! It sounds like you had a fantastic time, and have some great stories to tell. I'm glad to hear that you still love coffee...does this mean you're up for a trip to Panera in the near future? ;) Give me a ring if you are and we'll work it out!

Kevin said...

I am really sad that this journey has to come to an end for you. However, I think that your life will become an endless stream of wonderful and exciting adventures (because it is in your nature to find the adventure), and I could not be happier for you. You might think that you are bad at blogging, you have proven to be both insightful and eloquent well beyond your years. I have learned more about you in the past year that I knew from all the preceding ones, and that makes me sad, because you are a wonderful woman, and I missed the little girl. I look forward to hearing about your next adventure!

With all me love.
Kevin Saenz