Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I flu in Spain, Flying isn't fun.

Hello Everyone,

So sorry that I haven't written in a while. I will give a short update and try to fill everyone one in on the small, funny, and slightly insignificant details later. There are so many things I have wanted to write about but I keep forgetting. My intensive period went well, it is over now. This week is when we start our real classes. I have enjoyed Sevilla so much this semster. I have met wonderful people and have become good friends with two in particular. I have given up trying to do what a Spainard would do. I did that last semester. It is such a relief just to be me without trying to "fit in". I have only eaten the things I want to and only done the things I want to in my home here. The host family does not seem to appreciate the fact that I do not jump at the chance to do what the Spanish do, such as eat black sausage or sardines but I have learened not to care.

My roomate is the sweetest person and we have gotten along so well that it makes up for the host family being a little ... unpleasant.

I am going to Morocco on Friday and going to London in the middle of March and I am very excited for both trips. I am also going to Granada with the school. This Thursday I am going to see the Orchestra from Granada playing in Sevilla.

I am an english tutor. It is a lot of fun actually and a good way to get to know other Sevillanos.
The family is very nice. It is two hours a week and I get payed 7 euro per hour, so it is a nice way to make some extra cash.

Right now I have the stomach flu. I am kind of bummed because I was looking forward to FAT TUESDAY. My friends and I had already decided on ice cream, coffee, Starbucks cheescake, and dinner out... I ate plain toast for breakfast and watery rice for lunch and a banana. So... not so much fun. I guess on the positive side, I haven't gone to class for two days, although I'm sure I will be kind of lost when I get there. I am feeling much better as the 4th day since this started comes to an end. So, I am hoping that by tomorrow I will be ready to go to class.

Anyway, I am still having a great semester and I love Sevilla. I am ready to go back outside, becuase I haven't been outside at all for a day and a half.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers becuase I am convinced that it helps!

I hope wherever you are that you are enjoying your lives and appreciate the beauty around you and I hope that you are all Happy... deep down Happy!


~ Katherine

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm back

Hello Everyone,

Sorry that it has taken me a while to give an update on my return to Sevilla.
The trip here was fine. I did not have a window seat for any of my flights but, you know, what can you expect. I lived. I decided not to take the 20 euro taxi from the airport to my new home in Sevilla. Instead I decided to take teh 2,30 euro bus and then walk a mile with my luggage. I don't regret it. You see, I survived like I knew I would and now I have about $20 more than I would have had I taken the taxi. A hard decision but I'm glad I made it. It was hard to make myself keep walking, carrying 100lbs of luggage a backpack and a messenger bag with my valuables. I almost gave up... but once I hit the half way mark I knew I would survive. At one point three american kids said, wow I never relized how many tourists there are here laughed a little and kept walking. I was really annoyed. All I wanted to do was scream... I'm not a tourist!!! But I didn't I just kept walking and then found a bench and sat down to breath.

As I was crossing the bridge to Triana which is less than a block from my new apartment My suitcase caught on something and fell. And it all came tumbling down. A man right behind me was not so kind, laughed at me and told me I wasn't very smart. My face was beet red, I was sweating, wearing black sweats, a college t-shirt, and a fleece tied around my waist, and I told taht man " I didn't want to pay for a taxi". Well not exactly I said it in a flustered attempt at sounding good at spanish which probably came out all wrong. Anyway, I'm here. I arrived at the hosue and the first thing out of my new host mother's mouth was... tranquilate (calm down). Acutally, that was what Angeles (my old host mother) said to me first as well. I guess I should listen. : )

My classes are going well. My professor is a 26 year old woman who just got back from going to school in Florida. She speaks english and jokes around and is really nice and we hardly have any homework... and she doesn't know the rules because this is her first class here. I have to admit it is a nice change from having the head of academics teaching your class like my last intensive period.

It has been raining here since I got here. My shoes are sooo soaked I don't know how long I'll have to wait before I can wear them again. With the little homework and the rain I have had some trouble finding ways to ocupy my time. I have been to STARBUCKS more than once since it is one of the only sit-down cafés in Sevilla. I have spent hours and hours reading there until dinner time, I really like it. I brought 3 books with me, I have finished two. The 3rd is the entire chronicles of Narnia. I have finished the firt book. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm sure
I'll be busy enough when the regular semester starts in two weeks.

Today I decided to crash a school tour... and go to the bull ring. I know I won't go to see a bullfight because, well, I believe it is senseless cruelty to animals without remorse or consideration that they are living things. However, I do respect the fact that it is part of the culture so I would never protest against it or say anything about it to a Spainard. Anyway, I went baisically to take pictures and it was really cool. Nobody wanted to be there... but mabye to guys and me. I was the only one who actually asked if I could go. I really liked it and I'm glad I had the oportunity to see it. It would have been weird to be here so long and not have seen something so fundamental to the culture.

I have a roomate. She is my first roomate. We are different but we get along very well. She is very nice and she is here doing a different program so we have different schedules. She likes to go out. I do too but not on the weekdays. I went out with her on the weekend and had a lot of fun. It's kinda nice because I have the room to myself sometimes .... since I am so used to having my own space (or essentially my own space).

I don't know what else to tell everyone. Uncle Will, Just so you know I have been watching soccer every evening and the Simpons every day at lunch. I am kinda starting to like soccer but only enough to sit there for about 20 minutes after dinner. I'm not sure that I'll go to a game. But in your honor I may watch 1 full game! I decided that I would rather pay to go to the symphony here because if you were here you would go to a soccer game but if I was here (which I am) I would go to the symphony so I think I'll do... what I would do so that one day when my niece or nephew is going abroad I won't have to ask them to do what I wish I would have done when I was there. ; ) I guess you'll have to come back here to watch a game. Sorry. I do fully intend to go the ND football games though! I understand that I would regret that. : ) maybe.

So anyway, my first week has gone by well. I am really liking being back, much more than I expected. maybe it is all the goodies I brought with me. Thanks mom and grandma!
I'll keep everyone posted, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers... please. And Thanks for all of the thoughts, prayers, goodies, emails, messages, and skype calls that have been sent!

~ Hasta Luego ~