Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I flu in Spain, Flying isn't fun.

Hello Everyone,

So sorry that I haven't written in a while. I will give a short update and try to fill everyone one in on the small, funny, and slightly insignificant details later. There are so many things I have wanted to write about but I keep forgetting. My intensive period went well, it is over now. This week is when we start our real classes. I have enjoyed Sevilla so much this semster. I have met wonderful people and have become good friends with two in particular. I have given up trying to do what a Spainard would do. I did that last semester. It is such a relief just to be me without trying to "fit in". I have only eaten the things I want to and only done the things I want to in my home here. The host family does not seem to appreciate the fact that I do not jump at the chance to do what the Spanish do, such as eat black sausage or sardines but I have learened not to care.

My roomate is the sweetest person and we have gotten along so well that it makes up for the host family being a little ... unpleasant.

I am going to Morocco on Friday and going to London in the middle of March and I am very excited for both trips. I am also going to Granada with the school. This Thursday I am going to see the Orchestra from Granada playing in Sevilla.

I am an english tutor. It is a lot of fun actually and a good way to get to know other Sevillanos.
The family is very nice. It is two hours a week and I get payed 7 euro per hour, so it is a nice way to make some extra cash.

Right now I have the stomach flu. I am kind of bummed because I was looking forward to FAT TUESDAY. My friends and I had already decided on ice cream, coffee, Starbucks cheescake, and dinner out... I ate plain toast for breakfast and watery rice for lunch and a banana. So... not so much fun. I guess on the positive side, I haven't gone to class for two days, although I'm sure I will be kind of lost when I get there. I am feeling much better as the 4th day since this started comes to an end. So, I am hoping that by tomorrow I will be ready to go to class.

Anyway, I am still having a great semester and I love Sevilla. I am ready to go back outside, becuase I haven't been outside at all for a day and a half.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers becuase I am convinced that it helps!

I hope wherever you are that you are enjoying your lives and appreciate the beauty around you and I hope that you are all Happy... deep down Happy!


~ Katherine

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