Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bebidas y Café

Yesterday was my first "night out" in Spain. If a Spaniard heard me say that they would just laugh because here a "night out" ends in the morning... however, I did stay out until 3am. We spent about a half an hour using the bathroom and one of the girls houses and deciding who would walk me home. I live in a very dark out of the way apartment complex and paying attention the book that my aunt gave me, I listened to my "Gift of Fear" and didn't walk home alone. So, for anyone who is concerned I am being safe. We had a pretty low key evening we went to a little café and had Tinto de verano con narajana (red wine and fanta orange soda, I think?) Then went home and had (free) dinner at our homes. I had a Spanish tortilla made of egg and potato it was like a potato omelet. Then we went to a place on the river where you just get your drink and sit on the sidewalk. There I had Sangria. Then we went to an Irish pub... by accident. We were walking by the cathedral and we heard a bunch of people speaking English so we sat down on the patio and this man comes up in a green button down shirt and asks in a thick Irish accent "what would you like girls?". We just sat there and looked at him for a second because we weren't expecting English. Then one of the girls asked him where he was from and he said "Ireland of course" and then she asked if he could speak Spanish and he said "of course". All of the girls had "caronitas". I got one but I didn't really like it I had like four sips... I am not a beer person... but it was okay the other girl just drank mine and payed for most of it. So that was my evening/night out. Which was only possible because I now have coffee in my house which I gleefully sipped this morning as I woke up! I am feeling a lot more comfortable here now and am really starting to develop a sense of "home" here. I am getting used to hearing Spanish everywhere and on the TV.
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