Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I finally made it... to Frankfurt.
I'm not sure what the worst part about long (economy) flights is? The fact that you cant move, that there is no possible way to get comfortable, the babies screaming and the old lady in front of you trying to mark her territroy by jolting her seat backward every few seconds. Maybe it is the fact that one may be asked to change from a perfectly comfortable seat to a less comfortable seat for the convienance of a perfect stranger because if they refuse their neighbor will make them regret it. Or maye it is the fact that once moved one's bags remain in the overhead much further away. Or maybe it is the crazy wacky nanny with too many piercings to count sporting a short black dress and a bleach blond wedge sprawled over two and a half seats. No. the worst thing about a long (economy) flight is knowing that in business and first class everyone else is laying down sleeping with plenty of leg room and a nice fluffy pillow! All in all it went well though... they let me take my take my guitar and they put it up in first class! So I (at least) guess my guitar was comfortable!

I'm waiting to fly to Barcelona and then to Seville but this time I am not switching seats!!!


Charleen said...
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Charleen said...

I think you forgot something after the 'fluffy pillow in first class'.... about your economy class pillow mysteriously disappearing and your not understanding why since it was definitely 'economy' and definitely 'not fluffy'!

Kevin said...


I am so happy that you are getting to see more of the world. Travel and accommodations not withstanding . . . I know that you will simply love the time you will spend in Spain, and remember; FC Barcelona before Real Madrid.

Kevin Saenz

Katherine said...
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