Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here are some MORE pictures!

I took off most of the descriptions and added more pictures so you can enjoy and have no idea what you are looking at.

Some pictures are are replicas of the Pinta, the Niña, and the Santa María.
Some are of Christopher Columbus' monastery.
The new pictures are of Seville and of the Castle here Alcazár.
Some are of the beach in Seville and then there are a bunch of other pictures too!


Don Jason said...

Nice pic's Katie. Looks like a pretty exciting adventure so far. Your folks were telling us all about your travels and fun challenges. I lead the singing this week, Lord have mercy. Maybe we will have to conference you in on Wednesday nights so you can save us from my voice. Hope all is well.

WMCOOL said...

Hi Katie,
I loved the pics. I could even read most of the "small words."
I was happy to see the pic of the book and travel purse. I'm so glad the purse has come in handy.
Everything will become second nature once you have truly settled in.
I miss you, but actually feel like I see you and hear more about you since you've gone. Thanks, of course, to your blog. What a great idea.
Love you, Aunt Michele

Kevin said...


I love the pics. I think you might find that you heart and mind are at home here in the states, but your soul might be more a t home in Spain. It is really easy to start smoking in Spain, "Fortunas" are everywhere, so be careful.

Have fun!
Kevin Saenz

Andrea W said...

Hola! Me encantan tus fotos. Se ve que estás disfrutando tu estadía en España. Vi lo que decías de irte acostumbrando poco a poco. Vas a tener unos días mejores que otros, pero a la larga la experiencia va a ser muy buena. Un abrazo muy grande,