Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Katherine is (sometimes) online

So, I have come to find out that I am a internet pirate. My host mother knows that the internet in her house is not hers but she told me that it should work and has worked for all of the other students who have lived in her house. However, the internet only works during the day and shuts off totally at night... which is kind of annoying considering I am at the house a lot more at night time. But (there is good news) I do end up with about 2-3 hours of free internet in my room, so I don't have to walk through the streets of Seville with my mac as it screams "steal me! steal me!".
So I have come to accept that at about 8:30 the internet will shut off and I will be able to use it sometime after 1pm.

para mis otros amigos como Andrea y Marilú y Moises...
Ayer sufrí de choque cultural y le eché de menos a mi familía mucho pero hoy llaméa mi madre, otra vez porque he hablado con mi madre cada día, y hoy estoy bien. Mi señora me dijo que hay días buenos y malos en una cultura nueva y hoy ella compró una buena cafetera para mi y hizo un cafecito con el almuerzo. Pienso que puedo sobrevivir aquí en Sevilla por un año.

¡Adíos todos!

PS. I hope you are all doing well!

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